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How To Keep Your Dustbin Clean

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Some people can have problems with their bins becoming smelly and unpleasant – here are some ideas to help you keep your bin clean and avoid problems.

Refuse Indoor Dustbin

Recycle as much waste as possible to reduce the amount of waste you need to put in the bin.

Always bag your rubbish before putting it in the bin. You can re-use old carrier bags to tie up your rubbish if you don't use black bags or swing bin liners.

Always keep your bin lid closed. This stops flies and vermin from entering the bin as well as preventing cats, dogs, birds and foxes from getting access to your rubbish and splitting the bags open.

Use a wheelie bin liner. These are large refuse sacks designed to fit inside the bin which can be used in addition to other bin bags/liners. Alternatively use a sheet of newspaper in the bottom of the bin to absorb any moisture and prevent loose waste sticking to the bottom of the bin.

If possible, store your bins out of direct sunlight. This will slow decomposition of the waste, reducing smells and also slow the development of any maggots.

Clean/wash your bin out regularly to get rid of any residues. Use an anti-bacterial cleaner, disinfectant or bicarbonate of soda to kill off any germs and reduce any smells.

You can use professional bin cleaners if you don't want to clean it yourself. For details of wheelie bin cleaners in your area check local press /yellow pages.

Maggots and flies' eggs can be killed by using bleach, boiling water or disinfectants. If maggots get into your wheeled bin, most of them will be removed with the refuse when your bin is emptied.

Number/name your wheeled bins using the stickers provided to ensure you get your own clean bin back after your collection.

Any pet waste (faeces) should be double bagged.

Do not to leave dog/cat food out uncovered because flies can lay their eggs in it.

Solid waste from nappies can be emptied in the toilet before being double bagged and put in the bin. Real nappies are recommended as they will reduce the amount of waste in the bin. For further information go to Real Nappies.

Recycling Bin

Rinse bottles and cans to remove any food residues and allow them to drain thoroughly before putting them into your recycling bin. To save water this can be done at the end of the washing up or by using any spare space in your dishwasher.

Put some of your newspapers for recycling in the bin first to help absorb any moisture and keep the bin clean.

Follow the general advice for refuse bins above such as keeping the lid closed and washing the bin regularly.

Garden Waste Bin

Most garden waste will not a cause a problem provided it is not too wet. Therefore measures such as keeping the bin lid closed and if possible storing the bin under cover will help.

In summer large quantities of grass clippings can go soggy and smelly and may stick in the bottom of the bin. You can help prevent this by mixing clippings with other dry woody garden waste before it goes into the bin.

Wash the bin regularly to prevent the build up of residues and make sure the bin is dry before refilling. If you have any further questions on how to keep your Plastic Dustbin as good as new, please contact us by check below link:

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Many people think that the lighting at home is just a tool for lighting. In fact, with the development of the times, decoration has become the most important attribute of the lamp. So today, let the 100w Led Flood light manufacturer take you to know about furniture lighting. .

1. The ceiling lamp is a kind of lamp that is completely attached to the roof at the time of installation. It is simple and generous, easy to maintain and clean, so it is the first choice for many friends' furniture lighting. In addition to paying attention to the quality of the light source when purchasing the ceiling lamp, the second is to look at the lampshade. The lampshade should be selected from materials that are not easily damaged, the material should be uniform, and the light transmission should be high and the lamp should not be illuminated.

2. The chandelier is a luminaire that is suspended from the ceiling by a pole, chain or tube for overall illumination, and is an advanced decorative lighting on the ceiling of the room. When purchasing the chandelier, the first choice is to choose the chandelier according to the height of the room. Under normal circumstances, the installation height of the chandelier should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground. In addition, it should be selected according to the decoration style of the house.

Third, the wall lamp is generally equipped with a glass lampshade. The reflected light through the wall can make the light soft, and has multiple effects of projecting and smudging the light, showing different styles due to different materials of the house. The decorative effect of the wall lamp is generally more obvious than the lighting effect, so when choosing, you should first check the effect of it being installed on the wall before deciding. When choosing a wall light, pay attention to the points. First, choose a protective cover, followed by the quality of the lamp cover and the bracket.

4. Spotlights are typical lampless lamps and lamps of varying scale. If a row of small spotlights is combined, the light can change into a wonderful pattern, which can be placed around the ceiling or in the upper part of the furniture, or placed in the wall. In a wall skirt or skirting. At present, the quality of spotlights on the market is mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad by the naked eye. Therefore, it is best to choose brand products for the spotlights and choose a high-quality transformer. Moreover, it is generally not suitable to use too many spotlights indoors.

Fifth, the floor lamp is often used as a partial illumination, not to mention comprehensiveness, but emphasizes the convenience of movement, which is very practical for the creation of a corner atmosphere. If the lighting method of the floor lamp is directly projected downward, it is suitable for reading activities such as reading, and if it is indirect lighting, the overall light change can be adjusted. When choosing a floor lamp, consider the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling is too low, the light can only be concentrated in a local area, which makes people feel that the light is too bright and not soft enough. At the same time, using the above-mentioned floor-standing floor lamp, the ceiling in the home is preferably white or light, and the ceiling material preferably has a certain reflective effect.

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The area used by different light sources will definitely be different. For example, the color of the light is daylight, the color of the object is highly restored, and the application is equivalent to the daytime effect. It is very suitable for office environment, simple modern living room, outdoor sports and so on.

However, the color of the lamp is warm and light, and the color of the object is yellowish, which makes the environment warm and warm. The effect is warm and quiet, not glaring, easy to fall asleep and give a warm home feeling. It is very suitable for the bedroom, simple modern living room, aisle, kitchen, Restaurants, cafes, etc., suitable for the main light source, also suitable as an auxiliary light source. But no matter what light source will think of using the popular Led luminaire, then the 100w Led Flood light manufacturer will introduce the product details of the led luminaire.

First, precision aluminum
High-density aluminum stretch integrated molding, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, rain-proof design, durable and non-fading, unparalleled texture enjoyment.

Second, thickening strong radiator
It adopts integrated precision die-casting aluminum profile heatsink, bold convection heat dissipation design, multi-chip design with sealing strong convection principle, and good heat dissipation performance.

Third, the imported chip high luminous efficiency
Adopt Taiwan wafer chip, ultra-thick metal wire design, increase the current amount, make the LED brighter, the light is more stable, and the life is longer.

Fourth, waterproof outlet line
Advanced waterproof interface cable, stainless steel nut + primary rubber pad specifications, easy to install, waterproof details everywhere.



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Most people now take care of this problem when purchasing LED floodlights, because only when the maintenance work is done, can the LED floodlights last longer. So how does the 200w Led Flood light manufacturer share the maintenance of the floodlights?

1. The luminaire is not used in a humid environment and will affect the life.

2. At the same time, it is not possible to use a wet rag to wipe the luminaire to prevent conduction or rust. The dust can be cleaned with feather dusters.

3. For grounded luminaires, check the grounding conditions and make regular inspections.

4. If the luminaire is damaged, timely repairs should be taken care of the surrounding environment, to ensure that repairs are carried out in a safe environment.

5. The hygiene of the lamps needs to be cleaned regularly and checked regularly every month.

6. When the fault occurs, pay attention to cut off the power in time and continue to run.

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