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Platform Scale - "Oops.. it's a disaster"​ says my Uber Driver...

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This is summary of a conversation I had with a UBER Driver in Bangalore.


posted Aug 20, 2019 by Swaminath Jeyachandran

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Below, the 100w Led Flood light manufacturer will introduce the LED driver power classification:

1. Constant current type: The current output from the constant current drive circuit is constant, and the output DC voltage varies within a certain range according to the magnitude of the load resistance. The load resistance is small, the output voltage is low, and the load resistance is low. The larger the output voltage is, the higher the output voltage is. The constant current circuit is not afraid of the load short circuit, but the load is completely open. The constant current drive circuit is ideal for driving the LED, but it is relatively expensive. Pay attention to the maximum withstand current used. The voltage value, which limits the number of LEDs used.

2. Voltage regulation type: When the parameters in the voltage regulator circuit are determined, the output voltage is fixed, and the output current changes with the increase or decrease of the load; the voltage regulator circuit is not afraid of the load open circuit, but the load is strictly prohibited. Short-circuit; Drive the LED with a regulated drive circuit, each string needs to add a suitable resistor to make each string of LED display brightness average; brightness will be affected by the rectified voltage change.

information about 100w Led Flood light :


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Led floodlights are a special type of lamps with excellent heat dissipation. They are often used in industry. LED floodlights not only have good lighting effects, high light collection, but also very Environmental protection, the light source is very pure, to ensure people safe work.

1, led floodlights are durable and have a long service life. Daqi Optoelectronics' LED floodlights use high-quality aluminum for the production of the lamp housing. The performance of all aspects is relatively stable. Its surface is treated with precision paint, and it does not change color for a long time.

2, led floodlights have a certain degree of explosion-proof performance. Taking into account the particularity of the location where the lamps are used, we used a special structural design when making led floodlights, and used tempered glass to make the lampshade of the lamp, plus the process of die-casting, making led The performance of the finished products of the floodlight is relatively stable, it is very convenient to use and has a high safety factor.

3, led floodlights have high light efficiency, good environmental performance, and a longer service life.

4, led floodlights are easy to use. Our LED floodlights have high luminous efficiency and good environmental performance.

5, There are many specifications for led floodlights, such as 200w led floodlights, 400w Led Flood light, 100w led floodlights, etc.

information about 400w Led Flood light :