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100w Led Flood Light Installation Method

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Although some lamps are often used in our daily life, it is not easy for us to actually install these lamps. We don't have professional skills, and many people may have never been in contact before. So if we need to install it ourselves, but we don't provide any materials, it is very difficult to install. The 100w Led Flood light is used in many occasions. In order to allow consumers to install it themselves, the instructions for installation will be added to the product. Through the installation instructions, we will be able to know the correct installation steps.

Sometimes the 100w Led Flood light does not glow properly due to an error in the installation method, so it also causes a lot of unnecessary trouble for the consumer. If the manufacturer can attach instructions to these products, it will not cause trouble to consumers, but also save manufacturers time. Because some consumers will not install it, they will go to those merchants to install. If there are instructions, most consumers are still willing to study it themselves. Moreover, the installation method of such a floodlight is not particularly difficult, and it is ok to basically read the manual.

So it is very important to know the 100w Led Flood light manual, especially the products that people often use. If there is no manual, it will cause many consumers to be dissatisfied. If we don't install it properly, then such a product is useless to us. It will only make more consumers feel that buying our products is a waste of money, which is likely to cause unsalable products.


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posted Jul 11, 2019 by Beta Cpc

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Led lights are fragile items, what are the precautions when installing led lights? The following 100w Led Flood light manufacturers will come to introduce you:

1. The product and the flammable materials should be at least 0.2m away, and the zenith to be installed must have a gap of 2 cm. And the lamps can not be installed all inside the zenith, or the wall with the heat source, pay attention to the low voltage and high voltage electrical wiring separately.

2. Check the integrity of the product.

3. Make sure that the power cord of the luminaire has sufficient length and should not be subjected to tension or tangential force. Avoid excessive tension when installing the lamp connection, and do not tie the connection. The output connection should be distinguished and not confused with other lamps.

4. The connection on the luminaire can be fixed from the hole through the wire and the wire behind the luminaire. It must be fixed firmly.


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The 100w floodlights are used in many occasions today. When the manufacturer produces these floodlights, in order to allow consumers to install them themselves, the installation instructions will be added to the products.

Although some lamps are often used in daily life, it is not easy to install these lamps. Not professionals do not have professional skills, and many people may have never been in contact before. So it's a great experience to see the installation instructions when you buy the product.

With the installation instructions, you can avoid the 100w floodlights from being properly illuminated due to the wrong installation method. Therefore, the standard lighting products will be accompanied by the installation instructions. I hope everyone can check the products when they purchase them.


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LED floodlights are widely used, so LED floodlight installation precautions are very important. LED is a new light source. Under the correct installation mode, LED floodlights can ensure stable and long-term normal operation, followed by: 100w Led Flood light manufacturing Businesses to see LED floodlight installation precautions:

1, try to use the series LED form, because the LED floodlight voltage difference is special. The peak current of ordinary LED is maintained at 80 mA, and the reverse voltage is above and below 6V. Pay attention to the peak voltage and current when designing the circuit in LED application.

2, the use of voltage below 25 watts when soldering, soldering iron only control 300 degrees Celsius below the exposed SMD LED at high temperature, do not squeeze its epoxy part, or wipe with a sharp hard object, because LED lamps are very Fragile, extremely vulnerable, welding time is 3 seconds.


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Many people think that the lighting at home is just a tool for lighting. In fact, with the development of the times, decoration has become the most important attribute of the lamp. So today, let the 100w Led Flood light manufacturer take you to know about furniture lighting. .

1. The ceiling lamp is a kind of lamp that is completely attached to the roof at the time of installation. It is simple and generous, easy to maintain and clean, so it is the first choice for many friends' furniture lighting. In addition to paying attention to the quality of the light source when purchasing the ceiling lamp, the second is to look at the lampshade. The lampshade should be selected from materials that are not easily damaged, the material should be uniform, and the light transmission should be high and the lamp should not be illuminated.

2. The chandelier is a luminaire that is suspended from the ceiling by a pole, chain or tube for overall illumination, and is an advanced decorative lighting on the ceiling of the room. When purchasing the chandelier, the first choice is to choose the chandelier according to the height of the room. Under normal circumstances, the installation height of the chandelier should be no less than 2.2 meters from the ground. In addition, it should be selected according to the decoration style of the house.

Third, the wall lamp is generally equipped with a glass lampshade. The reflected light through the wall can make the light soft, and has multiple effects of projecting and smudging the light, showing different styles due to different materials of the house. The decorative effect of the wall lamp is generally more obvious than the lighting effect, so when choosing, you should first check the effect of it being installed on the wall before deciding. When choosing a wall light, pay attention to the points. First, choose a protective cover, followed by the quality of the lamp cover and the bracket.

4. Spotlights are typical lampless lamps and lamps of varying scale. If a row of small spotlights is combined, the light can change into a wonderful pattern, which can be placed around the ceiling or in the upper part of the furniture, or placed in the wall. In a wall skirt or skirting. At present, the quality of spotlights on the market is mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad by the naked eye. Therefore, it is best to choose brand products for the spotlights and choose a high-quality transformer. Moreover, it is generally not suitable to use too many spotlights indoors.

Fifth, the floor lamp is often used as a partial illumination, not to mention comprehensiveness, but emphasizes the convenience of movement, which is very practical for the creation of a corner atmosphere. If the lighting method of the floor lamp is directly projected downward, it is suitable for reading activities such as reading, and if it is indirect lighting, the overall light change can be adjusted. When choosing a floor lamp, consider the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling is too low, the light can only be concentrated in a local area, which makes people feel that the light is too bright and not soft enough. At the same time, using the above-mentioned floor-standing floor lamp, the ceiling in the home is preferably white or light, and the ceiling material preferably has a certain reflective effect.

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Below, the 100w Led Flood light manufacturer will introduce the LED driver power classification:

1. Constant current type: The current output from the constant current drive circuit is constant, and the output DC voltage varies within a certain range according to the magnitude of the load resistance. The load resistance is small, the output voltage is low, and the load resistance is low. The larger the output voltage is, the higher the output voltage is. The constant current circuit is not afraid of the load short circuit, but the load is completely open. The constant current drive circuit is ideal for driving the LED, but it is relatively expensive. Pay attention to the maximum withstand current used. The voltage value, which limits the number of LEDs used.

2. Voltage regulation type: When the parameters in the voltage regulator circuit are determined, the output voltage is fixed, and the output current changes with the increase or decrease of the load; the voltage regulator circuit is not afraid of the load open circuit, but the load is strictly prohibited. Short-circuit; Drive the LED with a regulated drive circuit, each string needs to add a suitable resistor to make each string of LED display brightness average; brightness will be affected by the rectified voltage change.

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