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100w Led Flood Light Set In The Park To Meet Lighting Needs

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As a common light source and light source for outdoor lighting, 100w Led Flood light can be used multiple times. For example, through a specific scenario analysis, it can find a suitable range of floodlights. First, most outdoor light sources are needed. In public places, in addition to street lights, floor lighting is the most common place for floodlights. In general, the park is the best place. In many cases, floodlights are often chosen as the focus of illumination where the park cannot be illuminated. Floodlights can save more energy for street lighting consumption everywhere. In recent years, LED floodlights have better lighting effects, and also allow ordinary people to feel the light at night, while also improving the parking area. Be safe in the shade and avoid some potential risk factors.

At the same time, in the scene suitable for floodlights, various celebrations are also the most common, especially concerts or festivals are the most common form. The illumination range can be improved and marked by placing floodlights in the field area. The corresponding site area also plays an important role in the management and validation of the event site, so in this case, the application of the floodlights is also very good, especially in order to meet the night lighting problems of many festivals, as well as the same. More professional results can be achieved through special time schedules, such as the layout of the venue and the choice of lighting color effects is a very good case, so the use of floodlights in modern environments is very practical and can bring good lighting effects. This is the embodiment of the biggest reason and specific needs of those who need such lighting.

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posted Jun 13, 2019 by Beta Cpc

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Generally speaking, the illumination angle is more than 40 degrees, which is called LED floodlight. The illumination range of LED floodlight can be adjusted arbitrarily. The LED floodlight is the most widely used one in landscape lighting. So what are the main features of the 100w Led Flood light manufacturer to share LED floodlights?

1, LED floodlight shell and module adopt die-cast aluminum to ensure the safety of LED floodlight (anti-typhoon 12), LED floodlight anti-collision grade reaches IK10.

2, LED floodlight body color can choose: black, white, silver.

3, LED floodlight module design, LED floodlight radiator uses high-conductivity aviation aluminum to provide sufficient heat dissipation area for LED floodlights, so that the LED floodlight temperature rise is not higher than 30 °C.

4, LED floodlight silicone sealing ring makes the LED floodlight module radiator and lens perfectly combined, LED floodlights waterproof level can reach IP67.

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LED floodlights are widely used, so LED floodlight installation precautions are very important. LED is a new light source. Under the correct installation mode, LED floodlights can ensure stable and long-term normal operation, followed by: 100w Led Flood light manufacturing Businesses to see LED floodlight installation precautions:

1, try to use the series LED form, because the LED floodlight voltage difference is special. The peak current of ordinary LED is maintained at 80 mA, and the reverse voltage is above and below 6V. Pay attention to the peak voltage and current when designing the circuit in LED application.

2, the use of voltage below 25 watts when soldering, soldering iron only control 300 degrees Celsius below the exposed SMD LED at high temperature, do not squeeze its epoxy part, or wipe with a sharp hard object, because LED lamps are very Fragile, extremely vulnerable, welding time is 3 seconds.


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Most people now take care of this problem when purchasing LED floodlights, because only when the maintenance work is done, can the LED floodlights last longer. So how does the 200w Led Flood light manufacturer share the maintenance of the floodlights?

1. The luminaire is not used in a humid environment and will affect the life.

2. At the same time, it is not possible to use a wet rag to wipe the luminaire to prevent conduction or rust. The dust can be cleaned with feather dusters.

3. For grounded luminaires, check the grounding conditions and make regular inspections.

4. If the luminaire is damaged, timely repairs should be taken care of the surrounding environment, to ensure that repairs are carried out in a safe environment.

5. The hygiene of the lamps needs to be cleaned regularly and checked regularly every month.

6. When the fault occurs, pay attention to cut off the power in time and continue to run.

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The area used by different light sources will definitely be different. For example, the color of the light is daylight, the color of the object is highly restored, and the application is equivalent to the daytime effect. It is very suitable for office environment, simple modern living room, outdoor sports and so on.

However, the color of the lamp is warm and light, and the color of the object is yellowish, which makes the environment warm and warm. The effect is warm and quiet, not glaring, easy to fall asleep and give a warm home feeling. It is very suitable for the bedroom, simple modern living room, aisle, kitchen, Restaurants, cafes, etc., suitable for the main light source, also suitable as an auxiliary light source. But no matter what light source will think of using the popular Led luminaire, then the 100w Led Flood light manufacturer will introduce the product details of the led luminaire.

First, precision aluminum
High-density aluminum stretch integrated molding, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, rain-proof design, durable and non-fading, unparalleled texture enjoyment.

Second, thickening strong radiator
It adopts integrated precision die-casting aluminum profile heatsink, bold convection heat dissipation design, multi-chip design with sealing strong convection principle, and good heat dissipation performance.

Third, the imported chip high luminous efficiency
Adopt Taiwan wafer chip, ultra-thick metal wire design, increase the current amount, make the LED brighter, the light is more stable, and the life is longer.

Fourth, waterproof outlet line
Advanced waterproof interface cable, stainless steel nut + primary rubber pad specifications, easy to install, waterproof details everywhere.



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Was a packed room, with over 50 folks (90% guys) were packed in large room at YS office this afternoon. Here are the main points. Was good to hear from a successful founder and know they are also normal just like us.

Sree and I walked in when Joe just started his talk. There was enough room only to stand near the door. there were folks like Ravi from Mobstack, Sid form Rubymonk, Augustus from Gaglers, Satya from Yourbus and Lalit from Commonfloor.

Joe started off by sharing about the weekend hack to share some space, where the found 3 people who wanted to share their space (i think, pls correct if wrong). Which had one Indian named Amol from Delhi studying Industrial design in SF.  After they hosted these 3 guests for couple of nights Amol was very insistent to Joe that they need a website so that more people can find and share a place to stay. they were solving of problem they had and not trying to solve a large problem. Turns out lots of people have the same problem.

The next question was, Joe and his other founder were designers, where to find a tech guy. The answer was a person who had shared an apartment with joe, who had a tech degree and was also into startups.  The main point stressed by Joe was to find the right/Special some one who will round out your founding team, he said it is worth the many months it takes to find and work with a great co-founder.  Now after a few months they had a few entries on their site. around 50 listing. Joe and team shared that they were willing to do lots of work which is not scalable early on, such as vising each and very home in SF and taking great photos of their home for listing. The main point was that this set the culture for the rest of the listings in other cities, since the photos of the listings were great, the users of other cities were very conscious about putting up bad photos and the whole culture was set on their site for high quality photos.

After this they did four major launches at events, first  was SXSW , hoping to be like twitter and other products that launched there, but hardly got 30 users from this event. (Not sure if the following story is after they got into YC) -  they saw a huge spike when Obama was sworn in and 100k visitors landed to city with 20k room capacity. the disappointing part was that they went back to almost a flat line of traffic just after a few days of this event. Joe also shared that he was introduced to 20 angels, the best 20 in the country at this event, they got 20 intros, 10 replied and 4 people meet them, finally got zero investment. He said the investor get interested when the two gears of product and market start to come closer and start to move. i.e. a slight growth in numbers every month, shows you have something that is working/growing.

Now after a few month of flat or very little growth of their user base, they got into YC. Before this Joe shared that they had no money for PR, adwords or fancy events. The first question Paul G asked them was the most important in the success of Airbnb. He asked where are your users, Joe and team replied our small but active users are in New York, then Paul G asked what are you doing in SF? well duh we want to be in YC, but they listed and got on a trip to NY. On this trip they were sitting to one of the airbnb users and got lots of insights from him. The was another main point from Joe, you cannot learn about your users through a computer screen either survey or metrics, the early user experience of thoughts can only be got by talking to your most active and passionate users.

Once in NY, they followed the most important three words for a start-up "Correct and Continue", this is what they did, with every conversation to their users, they saw improvement in usage and traffic. this was growing gradually and not a spike like earlier events. Next came the cracking or understanding of how to grow a city. ie. how to grow airbnb in a city. This they then applied to 10 other cities to grow organically.

The most interesting part of the story of how network effects kicked in, once a user books a room in a new city, he goes back to his own city and lists his home/room on airbnb. Next he travels to other city and books a room there. So travelers going from one city to the next grew airbnb organically across the world.

Then were questions like how are you different from craigslist, some US states it is illegal to share rooms, for this Joe went on the history of mankind, that humans have always been sharing space, since BC. How does the wishlist feature work.  Wishlist was interesting, he said once a user Wishlists a place, for example a Place in India, and shares on FB, the traffic and organic branding is huge. i.e. your friends are curious where you want to go next.