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Guanfeng Food Machinery Shares Knowledge Of Vacuum Freeze-Drying Technology

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The vacuum freeze-drying technology is known as the advanced drying technology since the 21st century. The food freeze dryer is gradually loved by its unique advantages, and the types of freeze-dried foods produced are more and more extensive. The advantages of Guanfeng Food Machinery Sharing Food Freeze Dryer:

  1. Keep the food structure, nutrients, and flavor substances basically unchanged, especially the high retention rate of physiologically active ingredients, which is the main reason for the use of freeze-dried foods as the basis for some functional foods.

  2. The appearance does not crack, does not shrink, maintain the original shape and color of the food;

  3. The product has no surface hardening, and the tissue is porous and sponge-like. Therefore, the rehydration performance is good, the consumption is convenient, and the soaking can be restored, thereby determining its position in the ready-to-eat convenience food;

  4. Lightweight, resistant to storage, no special requirements for ambient temperature, in the dark and vacuum-filled nitrogen packaging, can be kept for 2 years under normal temperature conditions, and its recurring costs such as storage and sales are far lower than frozen food.
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In the past, foods made by hand or simple tools have low yields, high labor costs, and relatively high consumption. With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, especially the increase in people's income, the demand for food is getting higher and higher, and gradually diversified and multi-layered. The emergence of mechanized tools instead of manual production greatly reduced the labor demand, effectively controlled the consumption in production, improved the appearance of the product and the quality of the taste. The snack food processing equipment really brought a lot of help to people!

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