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How to join 1000founders network as a investors?

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posted Aug 21, 2018 by anonymous

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4 Answers

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Don't know but hope you don't make us jump through hips or have a very high minimum net worth requirement (yes I'm referencing

answer Aug 21, 2018 by Vijay Raj Nadar
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You just join the Community and Tag your Profile as “Investor”, since this is open platform, the idea is Investors help Founders first and then ther is a Mutual interest. Also 1KF will help in the process

answer Aug 21, 2018 by Praveen Singh
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Just Join and in the about me section you can write as much info as you want.

answer Aug 21, 2018 by Salil Agrawal
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Please do contact me on WhatsApp at 9448310439

answer Aug 25, 2018 by Praveen Singh
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